Accounts Chamber is Ready for INCOSAI XXIII

Accounts Chamber is Ready for INCOSAI XXIII

The Accounts Chamber is ready for the XXIII Congress of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI)*. This is the main conclusion made by the second Steering Committee of the XXIII Congress (INCOSAI), which has been held today in the Accounts Chamber.

“Soon, September 23 to September 28, Moscow will host the INCOSAI XXIII, a major international audit forum. It is held every three years in different countries. And now we can say that the Moscow INCOSAI is going to be one of the most representative INCOSAIs ever. More than 600 participants have registered to represent 168 countries, which is 85% of the INTOSAI size. We expect to welcome 127 chairs of supreme audit institutions, the UN, the World Bank and the IMF representatives. INCOSAI preparations have been our priority as soon as Russia was selected to be the next host country. A lot of work has been done, and I want to thank all my colleagues for their assistance. I am confident that the Congress will be held at the highest level,” Aleksei Kudrin, the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber, said at the meeting of the Steering Committee.

He reminded that the mandate of the INTOSAI Chair would be thereby granted to the Accounts Chamber: “The Chairman of the SAI of the United Arab Emirates is now the INTOSAI President, but the Moscow INCOSAI will entrust this mission on the Accounts Chamber of Russia. We will lead this international organization, draw up the agenda of the audit community, and contribute to the development of international standards and methodological documents pertaining to financial control and audit for three years. It is an honor and a great responsibility for us and I am confident that we will accomplish this mission properly.”


INTOSAI is an international organization of supreme audit institutions founded in 1953 to promote cooperation between supreme audit institutions (SAIs) and improve public audit worldwide. The INTOSAI membership includes 194 countries, and the Accounts Chamber of Russia has been a member of INTOSAI since its inception in 1995.

The supreme institution of INTOSAI is the Congress (INCOSAI), which is convened every three years in different countries. The decision to hold the next Congress in Russia was unanimously made by the participants of the INCOSAI XXII in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, in 2016.

The upcoming INCOSAI will review two pressing topics, such as the Information Technologies in the Development of Public Administration and the Role of Supreme Audit Institutions in Achieving National Priorities and Goals.

Theme I will be presented by the SAI of China and the Congress participants will discuss the value of electronic information for the public administration and outline the role big data play in their activities.

INCOSAI second thematic cluster to be presented by the Accounts Chamber of Russia will be devoted to the role of SAI in achieving national goals. The participants will discuss the significance of supreme audit institutions in promoting good governance and producing responses to challenges national governments face in the UN SDGs implementation.
The Moscow Declaration will be the INCOSAI XXIII key document incorporating its main outcomes.

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