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Webinar on “INTOSAI Online Transition: How Can Organizations Adapt to the New Normal of Teleworking?”

The final webinar of the COVID-19 Expert Group was held on October 20,2020. The event was aimed to evaluate the experience of transition to remote work within INTOSAI itself and was joined by 120 SAI representatives.

Observatory on Government and SAI Initiatives in relation to COVID-19

Observatory on Government and SAI Initiatives in relation to COVID-19

The Observatory was elaborated by SAI of Peru.

Webinar on “Openness of SAIs and Ensuring Inclusiveness in Emergency Conditions”

The COVID-19 Expert Group initiative within INTOSAI Supervisory Committee on Emerging Issues held its third webinar on September 17, 2020 which explored the topics of SAI openness and ensuring inclusiveness in emergency conditions.

Webinar on Remote auditing: technological challenges and solutions

Accounts Chamber held the second meeting of SCEI Expert group on COVID-19. The topic was focusing on remote auditing challenges and technological solutions.

Webinar on Priorities of SAIs in the COVID-19 pandemic: audit themes, methods and techniques

On June 22, 2020, SAI of Russia held the first virtual meeting of SCEI Expert Group which is focused on Strategic role of SAIs in addressing challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic.


INTOSAI — The International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions was established in 1953 to promote cooperation between national supreme audit institutions and to improve government audit around the world.