3 March 2020 - The Accounts Chamber team to take part in the First International Hackathon of EUROSAI in Prague

On March 3 Prague is hosting the First International Hackathon* of the European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI). It will be attended by teams of supreme audit institutions from 25 European countries, including Russia. They will have three days to share best practices and complete tasks in creating software and visual solutions that increase the efficiency of SAIs and streamline the work of state auditors. In addition, some of the tasks pertain to the issues of comparison and collation of audit results from various countries based on different standards.

This is not the first time that the Accounts Chamber participates in hackathons. For instance, last year we hosted our first open hackathon.

‘We are ahead of our colleagues from European SAIs not only in terms of implementing up-to-date working methods like organizing hackathons,’ says Mikhail Petrov, team leader and Director of the Digital Transformation Department of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. 'Russia is significantly ahead of most European countries in terms of digital development, such as openness and availability of government data. Official websites of many agencies at all levels and numerous specialized Federal State Information Systems provide for continuous on-line access to almost all non-classified data on the implementation of state budgets, state corporations, and implementation of national projects.'

However, according to Mikhail Petrov, the European competition will be much harder for the teams: despite their formal status, much data associated with the SAIs of Europe cannot be accessed freely. The teams will have to request them from the SAIs of EUROSAI member states as well as from the European Statistical Office and other European organizations.
The first training session of the team of the Accounts Chamber took place last week. The team has already planned a strategy and tactics for the competition and chosen software instruments and data analytics tools. For further information on the First International Hackathon, follow us on our social media.

Hackathon is a professional competition between teams of developers of software and data analysis and presentation tools (programmers, data analysts, designers, interface experts, technical writers, etc.) for the best team creating working solutions in an area where digital technologies are used.

At the INCOSAI XXIII in Moscow, the audit community adopted the Moscow Declaration and agreed to help to promote availability and openness of data, source code and algorithms, as well as the most efficient use of data in their professional activities.


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