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The First anniversary of the Moscow Declaration

This month marks a significant date – one-year anniversary since INTOSAI community met in Moscow and adopted the Moscow Declaration.

In this regard we kindly invite you to watch a video address by the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and INTOSAI Chair, Mr. Alexei Kudrin.

When the Moscow Declaration was adopted back in September, 2019 it was impossible to predict all the changes the whole world would face in 2020. The new normal we all now live in proves to what extent the provisions of the Moscow Declaration turned out to be visionary and future-oriented. We believe the strategic perspective provided by this document is yet to be fully perceived and implemented in practice.

Now it is time to check what page are we on now and make sure we continue our way forward.

For that purpose, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation has launched a marathon on the 10 provisions of Moscow Declaration

The results will be aggregated and presented as a survey that will be shared with the whole INTOSAI community to bring light on the current status of the Moscow Declaration implementation and the relevance of its provisions.

In order to enable more SAIs to give their valuable inputs, so as to leave no one behind, we have extended the timeframe of the Marathon.

We kindly ask you to provide your answers by October, 10.

Please take note that only one reply per SAI is possible.

Video Address Script Eng [.PDF]

Video Address Script Russ [.PDF]

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