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The Accounts Chamber participated in the UN Panel of External Auditors events

The delegation of the Accounts Chamber took part in the 39th meeting of the Technical Group and 63rd Regular Session of the UN Panel of External Auditors.

The events were also attended by the heads and staff of SAI Canada, China, Chile, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, the Philippines, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Deputy Head of Office of the Accounts Chamber Elena Boytsova together with SAI Philippines presented the information on the latest trends in the development of IFRS, standards of the Global Reporting Initiative and other documents and sources of best practices of reporting in the field of sustainable development.

The UNIDO example was used to discuss the practice of reporting on greenhouse gas emissions, which does not apply a single standardised methodology, does not use comparable data and indicators and does not pay sufficient attention to the verification of indicators.

Financial Audit Department Deputy Director Denis Strizheusov spoke about the most common information system vulnerabilities and information security threats identified in the course of external audits of UNIDO and the PC CTBTO. Ineffective information security risk management includes lack of relevant internal regulations and rules, dedicated staff specialists and clear distribution of responsibilities and authorities between them, and lack of system defense audits.

As a result of the 63rd Regular Session, the draft letter to the UN Secretary-General presented to A. Guterres during the meeting with heads of delegations was finalised and approved; proposals for amendments to the Rules of Procedure and the draft press release were approved. P. Moscovici, First President of the Court of Audit of the French Republic, was elected as Chairperson and host of the 64th Regular Session of the Group to be held in July 2024.

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