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SAIs of Russia and Belarus Approved the 2024 Joint Action Plan

SAIs of Russia and Belarus approved the 2024 Joint Action Plan.

The agreement was signed by Ms. Galina Izotova, Acting Chair of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, and Mr. Vasily Gerasimov, Chairman of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

During the bilateral meeting held before signing the agreement, the parties highlighted the advanced cooperation between Russia and Belarus and their SAIs.

For many years, Russia and Belarus have been maintaining ally relationship of the ultimate level of integration within the Eurasian Economic Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States. We coordinate our response to the escalation of international tensions. The economies of our countries are also greatly interconnected, and this close bilateral partnership aligning with the active cooperation of our SAIs is encouraging,

said Galina Izotova.   

According to the 2024 Joint Action Plan, the parties intend to continue strong cooperation as part of the joint audit efforts of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. The SAIs of Russia and Belarus plan to supplement traditional audits of the Union State’s budget performance with an analysis of the measures adopted at the suggestions of audit agencies following the previous engagements.

The plan also provides for arranging two seminars to share experiences and discuss the openness of SAIs and the assessment of the efficiency of programs and projects.

The agreement that we signed today displays no intention to reduce the pace and strength of our cooperation, and our active dialogue never stops,

Galina Izotova noted after signing the agreement.

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