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RANEPA Courses on U-INTOSAI educational platform

RANEPA Courses on U-INTOSAI educational platform

The U-INTOSAI team is pleased to present 9 new courses in Russian, developed by the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

The courses are designed for civil servants and anyone who wants to improve their knowledge in the field of macroeconomics, public administration, strategic planning, as well as improve business communication skills, critical thinking and take care of their health.


The course "Lean Manufacturing" will cover the basics of project or process activities aimed at improving labor productivity.

"Macroeconomics" course is designed to form a set of knowledge and skills for the development of analytical reports and recommendations for public authorities, international organizations.

The course "Modern Management" will tell you about the development of human resource management strategies, distribution and delegation of authority.

With the course "Fundamentals of Health Management", you will be able to determine the most effective strategy for managing your health and choose the optimal vector of self-development.

The course "Accounting" will allow you to form the theoretical basis necessary for understanding of the accounting statements.

The course "History of Public Administration" will provide key knowledge on the nature of power, governance and law.

The course "Civil Procedure" will teach you how to analyze and apply the norms of civil procedure law and draw up procedural documents.

The secrets of successful business communication, the basics of conducting business correspondence and the skills of successful public speaking are revealed in the course "Business Communications".

The course "Academic writing and Critical Thinking" will teach you to express your thoughts orally and in writing, to form and defend your position.

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