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Presentation of the OECD Report "Building Trust to Reinforce Democracy"

Presentation of the OECD Report "Building Trust to Reinforce Democracy"

On July 13, the presentation of the OECD report "Building Trust to Reinforce Democracy" took place. The event was dedicated to the key results of the Organization's first study on public trust degree in state institutions.

The methodological basis of the study was built around a survey of 50,000 people from 22 OECD countries. Most of the survey was conducted between November and December 2021. The impact of government agencies performing their functions during the COVID-19 pandemic was fully reflected in survey results.

The authors of the study warn that survey results can vary significantly across nations due to large differences in cultural, social, institutional and economic factors. However, in some cases, experts confidently conclude on general trends and shared problems for different countries.

The survey measures government performance across five drivers of trust – reliability, responsiveness, integrity, openness, and fairness. This report is an important milestone in measuring and researching the concept of trust in public institutions.

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