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EUROSAI Information Technology Working Group meeting

EUROSAI Information Technology Working Group meeting

On May 11, 2021, a meeting of the EUROSAI Information Technology Working Group (EUROSAI ITWG) was held. More than 200 people took part in the meeting via videoconference hosted by the Estonian SAI.

The chairman of the group, the head of the SAI Estonia, Janar Holm, addressed the participants with an opening speech.

“More than 100 public institutions in Estonia use software solutions based on artificial intelligence. SAIs should use best practices for data analysis to promote good governance in public finances”.

In the first the session, the issues of legal regulation of artificial intelligence were considered, as well as practical examples of the use of technology in public administration.

Dr Tatjana Evas, representative of the European Commission Directorate General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology, presented the European Union's policy on artificial intelligence. She noted that the EU already has a legal basis for the digital transformation of society, but specific technological features of AI can create risks to the security and fundamental rights of citizens. In response, the European Commission has prepared and published a new set of rules and guidelines for AI (AI package) aimed at ensuring the development and implementation of AI technology in the EU, building strategic leadership in high-performing industries.

Marten Kaevats, employee of State Chancellery of Estonia, presented the KRATT # AI state chatbot application. Dr. Kadri Haller-Kikkatalo from the Estonian Health Insurance Fund showed examples of the use of AI in healthcare to detect the misuse of funds. Representatives of SAIs of France, UK, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands shared good practices of using AI algorithms for data analytics in the audit process. Also, during the meeting the White Paper for auditors "Auditing machine learning algorithms", developed by the auditors of the SAIs of Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway, was presented.

In the second the session, small group discussions took place on the problems of AI auditing and the use of AI in the activities of SAIs. The results of the discussions were summed up in the framework of the Panel Discussion "Artificial Intelligence - a threat or an opportunity for SAIs?" The participants touched upon the problems of regulating the audit process, using new technologies, attracting external experts and additional funding. Moreover, the SAI's challenge is to train auditors to apply advanced IT tools in their work. The development of international cooperation and the exchange of good practices will enhance the effectiveness and productivity of SAIs.


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