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Accounts Chambers of Russia and Kyrgyzstan Agreed on Cooperation

Accounts Chambers of Russia and Kyrgyzstan Agreed on Cooperation

The Supreme Audit Institutions of Russia and Kyrgyzstan have entered into the Agreement on Cooperation and approved the 2019-2020 Program of Cooperation. The instruments were signed by Tatyana Golikova, Chairwoman of the Russian Accounts Chamber, and Ulukbek Maripov, Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of Kyrgyzstan.

The parties undertake under the Agreement to share best practices and run joint research projects, cooperate in the field of vocational education and professional development, share information and reference materials and interact in the vein of the Eurasian Economic Union within the framework of multilateral joint supervision activities.

Tatyana Golikova said in her welcome speech that the two countries cooperated on a wide range of audit issues, including in the context of co-joint audits. The Chairwoman of the Russian Accounts Chamber expressed her confidence that the parties would start discussing new plans for their cooperative activities after the signing. “We will certainly strive to implement all clauses of the agreement; I mean seminars, round tables, and training. Nevertheless, taking into consideration our experience in cooperative audits, I hope we will define new inspection agenda as the most effective professional development is where the parties work as team,” said Tatyana Golikova.

Ulukbek Maripov said in turn that he saw the Russian Accounts Chamber as a strategic partner: “Indeed, not only our agencies, but also our countries cooperate closely. We receive a great deal of support from Russia, our great friend. And we would like to always maintain good and fruitful relationships, both on a bilateral and on a multilateral basis.”

The representative of Kyrgyzstan invited the delegation of the Russian Accounts Chamber to attend the next SCO meeting in Bishkek. In turn, Tatyana Golikova asked her Kyrgyz colleagues to take part in the preparations for the 23d INCOSAI to be held in Moscow next year. “I hope that the Kyrgyz SAI as a member of INTOSAI will join our work on the forthcoming INCOSAI agenda and share their expertise and achievements,” said Tatyana Golikova.


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