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31st Annual Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit

31st Annual Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit

The annual meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on Information Technologies Audit (WGITA) was held in the online-format on May 24, 2022. During the event, representatives of member SAIs, EUROSAI, IDI, AFROSAI-E, WGBD and WGISTA discussed the problem of IT-usage for SAIs’ activities optimization and areas of synergies with WGITA.

SAI India, Chair of the WGITA, elaborated on the projects developed within the previous Working plan 2017–2019:

  • Guidance on audit of information systems (GUID 5100)
  • Data analytics Guidelines (Non-IFPP)
  • General Capacity Building Requirements for conducting IT Audits in SAIs (Non-IFPP).

The attendees of the Meeting were presented with projects in development, included in the WGITA Work Plan 2023–2025:

  • Cyber security and data protection challenges (led by SAI Mexico);
  • Audit of IT Management functions including IT Governance, Contract Management and Sustainability Performance Evaluation of Information Systems (led by SAI India);
  • Global Curriculum for IT Audit (led by SAI India);
  • Performance Evaluation of Information Systems (led by SAI Pakistan);
  • Revision of GUID 5101 Audit of Security of Information Systems Guidance – GUID 5101 (led by SAI India);
  • Updating of WGITA-IDI Handbook on IT Audit (led by SAI USA);
  • Maintenance of IT Audit Database in the WGITA Webpage (led by SAI Bhutan).

At the end of the event the presentation of the draft Working Plan for 2023–2025 took place. It would touch upon the following topics and areas of activity:

  • Development of future GUIDs in the 5100 Series (Audit of Cloud Computing, Big Data, Smart City initiatives, use & review of AI, Blockchain solutions);
  • Review of previous products of WGITA (dated back to 1995 and 2001) to assess their current worthiness.

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