Experientia Mutua Omnibus Prodest: INTOSAI Congress Held Panel Discussions

Experientia Mutua Omnibus Prodest: INTOSAI Congress Held Panel Discussions

The INTOSAI Congress held open discussions of small moderated groups of 10-12 participants who were brainstorming around issues of public audit. “We try to make sure that the voice of every participant is heard.

Our open discussions will work to put into practice the INTOSAI motto ‘Experientia Mutua Omnibus Prodest’ (Mutual Experience Benefits All),” said Alexei Kudrin, Chairman of the Russian Accounts Chamber.

“From the moment I assumed the post of the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber, we’ve made this possible for our employees, too. The Accounts Chamber has held three strategy sessions of the same format this year,” he added.

The delegates discussed the role of SAIs in maintaining and strengthening of public trust and talked about what steps should be taken so that INTOSAI could be more efficient and proactive and supreme audit institutions could be even more relevant. The participants agreed that the independence and impartiality of SAIs was crucial in this respect.

Outcomes of the open discussions will be highlighted in the Chairman’s INCOSAI talk.

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