Ushering in the Next Generation of Climate Technology

Ushering in the Next Generation of Climate Technology

BCG published information material on the implementation of a new generation of climate technologies to reduce the overall level of emissions of harmful substances.

According to experts, in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, it is necessary to allocate more than 3.5 trillion US dollars annually to improve and introduce new "green" technologies.

The second wave of climate technology innovation and carbon reduction is predicted to occur within 20 to 30 years, while maintaining the current level of sustainable funding. Public and philanthropic funding fails to reach $3.5 trillion targets. BCG proposes to emphasize the problem of environmental pollution in the private sector.

The total capitalization of the global stock and fixed income market is $240 trillion. Some of these funds can be used to accelerate the introduction of a new generation of climate technologies and reduce emissions. To increase the investment attractiveness of the "green" economy, the following steps are proposed:

- creation of additional incentives for investing in innovative technologies;

- formation of an evidence base for the safety, reliability and commercially profitable use of new technologies for investors;

- attracting any level of investment, regardless of their volume and quantity, to increase the relevance of investing in innovative green technologies;

- elimination of the insufficient value of the investment proposal for corporate buyers and increase in the profitability of the corresponding introduction of innovative technologies.

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