Global Economic Prospect. January 2024

Global Economic Prospect. January 2024

The World Bank presented the latest edition of the Global Economic Prospects report.

The organization estimates that in 2024 the average global economic growth will be 2.4% (2.6% in 2023). The rate of economic growth in developed countries will slow down to 1.2% (1.5% in 2023), in developing countries to 3.9% (4.9% in 2023). By the end of 2024, living standards in one in four developing countries will still be below pre-COVID-19 levels.

Key risks to the global economy include rising geopolitical tensions, a decline in global trade, and further tightening of monetary policy. Stimulating investment and strengthening fiscal policy are priority areas of state economic policy.

The report presents for the first time an analysis of measures taken over the past 70 years to increase investment attractiveness in 104 countries. As the authors note, accelerating the growth rate of investment per capita to 4% and maintaining the corresponding trend for six years leads to a significant reduction in poverty, a fourfold increase in productivity and a reduction in external government. debt. To improve the investment climate and prospects for economic growth, it is necessary to increase the transparency and quality of government work. institutions, improving fiscal and monetary policies.

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