Digital-in-Health: Unlocking the Value for Everyone

Digital-in-Health: Unlocking the Value for Everyone

The World Bank has released a new working paper on the digitalization of public health systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need to improve the quality and sustainability of healthcare services. Digital technologies (artificial intelligence, big data analysis tools) are a key driver of transformation.

The main task is not only to convert analog data into digital format, but also to introduce technologies at all stages of medical care, thereby creating a full-fledged digital healthcare ecosystem. The organization estimates that the use of "big data" will help governments save up to 15% of healthcare costs.

To promote the digital transformation of healthcare, the World Bank recommends:

  • Using digital solutions that meet the needs of people and are based on data analysis;
  • Prioritizing the most vulnerable segments of the population
  • Encouraging investment in digital health
  • Improving the quality of data management: improve standards and regulatory systems for digital technologies
  • Providing access to medical institutions to the necessary information systems
  • Increasing the level of digital literacy of medical personnel
  • Launching new flexible PPP formats for the implementation of projects in the field of digital health
  • Carrying out systematic monitoring and control over the results of digital transformation programs.

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