Anti-Corruption and Integrity Training: Learning How to Resist Corruption

Anti-Corruption and Integrity Training: Learning How to Resist Corruption

Training in basic principles and methods of anti-corruption is a priority for increasing the transparency of public administration.

Despite the importance of such educational programs, researchers and practitioners have limited understanding of their effectiveness. The key shortcomings of research in this area are: the lack of a detailed description of the subject of evaluation (specific educational programs and activities), the short time horizon of the study without assessing the analysis of long-term consequences, and inattention to the gender factor.

Experts from the U4 International Anti-Corruption Center analyzed existing methods for evaluating anti-corruption educational programs. Recommendations for their improvement include a balanced combination of learning components focused on values, knowledge and skills; introduction of interactive formats for presenting material, organization of training in mixed groups (by gender, age and position).

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