A peek at the future health and wealth of our global economy

A peek at the future health and wealth of our global economy

McKinsey presented a new report "A peek at the future health and wealth of our global economy".

The experts analyzed four scenarios for the development of the world economy in the next decade. The key parameters are the dynamics of inflationary processes and interest rates.

  1. Preservation of the trends of the last 30 years - globalization, low geopolitical tensions, low interest rates, low inflation. As a result, GDP growth and a growing gap between the real and financial sectors.
  2. High inflation and rising interest rates. The result is a significant decline in economic indicators. Among the main risks are a fall in the stock market, an increase in the volume of debt obligations and a high probability of a debt crisis in developing countries.
  3. Crisis: falling real estate and industrial equipment prices, deleveraging and asset depreciation.
  4. Growth in industrial production due to sustainable technological progress and digitalization. This scenario is based on the expectation that in the future, 50% of all operational tasks can be automated, thereby increasing productivity and doubling output.

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