The INTOSAI Working Group on Public Procurement Audit

The Working Group on Public Procurement Audit (WGPPA) – is one of the 12 INTOSAI Working groups, operating within the framework of INTOSAI Knowledge Sharing Committee, KSC.

The Group is aimed at promoting the exchange of experience and knowledge, as well as developing professional pronouncements and methodology guides on the issues of using the budget funds for public procurement. 

The plans for establishing the WGPPA were officially announced in 2013 during the 64th INTOSAI Governing Board meeting in China. After the Board meeting an interim Task Force on Public Procurement Audit was created.

During the XXII INCOSAI in 2016 in Abu-Dhabi, the Task Force was succeeded by the new INTOSAI Working Group on Public Procurement Audit.

The WGPPA is aimed at:

  • Fostering the knowledge-sharing between SAIs in assessing the effectiveness and mitigating risks in different aspects of public procurement
  • Developing standards and guides on public procurement audit within the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements (IFPP)
  • Developing another methodological documents in the sphere of public procurement

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