Scope of work

Scope of work

SCEI shall provide recommendations on the important issues and emerging challenges faced by INTOSAI and individual SAIs by helping coordinate and support the sharing of knowledge in this regard.

SCEI shall establish proper mechanisms across INTOSAI’s structures to monitor emerging issues which could impact INTOSAI, and its members and shall duly inform the Governing Board and INTOSAI members of these issues, as appropriate. These issues might include, but are not limited to, financial crisis, major natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami, infectious diseases, environmental issues and network security, among others. The responses are to be categorized as follows:

  • Immediate response
  • Strategic response
  • Outreach opportunities

Furthermore, the scale of the response e.g. SAI, regional, or global level, should also be identified. 

SCEI is also responsible for leading INTOSAI’s Enterprise Risk Management process. The committee reports to the Governing Board and provides insights and suggestions on emerging issues including enterprise risks.

As part of its enterprise risk management leadership efforts, SCEI will monitor INTOSAI’s crosscutting priorities to ensure that they are being consistently and thoroughly integrated into INTOSAI’s various strategies and programs under its strategic goals.

The mechanism for establishing such as system will be through engagement with the organs of INTOSAI through a template sent to working groups etc. for completion on an annual basis.

Expert Group

SCEI shall in due course develop an expert group, which will consist of SCEI members, providing independent assessment of issues raised. An expert group, whose membership is voluntary shall also provide technical commentary and recommendations on proposed solutions.

An expert group shall provide an annual report to the whole SCEI for consideration. A submission shall then be prepared by the Chair of SCEI to the GB on behalf of the members. The Chair shall present the report to the GB.


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