Expert group on the Strategic role of SAIs in addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic

In May 2020 the Accounts Chamber has put forward the initiative to establish a special Expert Group under its leadership within the INTOSAI Supervisory Committee on Emerging Issues. The Group will focus on the Strategic role of SAIs in addressing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Expert group became a focal point for anti-COVID practices, technologies and response methods of all the auditing community. The work of the Group is open for everyone. Its activities have resulted in recommendations that are aimed to help all SAIs in need of support, as well as make us more resilient when faced with similar challenges in the future.

More details on initiation of the Expert Group are offered in a video message (transcript) by the Chair of INTOSAI and Chair of the SCEI, the Chair of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, Mr Aleksei Kudrin. 

The concept and working plans of the Expert Group are described in the Concept Paper [.PDF]


  • SCEI Chair (Russia)
  • The International Journal of Government Auditing (USA)
  • Secretary General of INTOSAI (Austria)
  • INTOSAI Development Initiative (Norway)
  • Policy, Finance and Administration Committee (Saudi Arabia)
  • Knowledge Sharing Committee KSC (India)
  • Professional Standards Committee (Brazil)
  • Capacity Building Committee (South Africa)
  • ASOSAI (China)
  • EUROSAI (Spain)
  • OLACEFS(Chile)
  • AFROSAI (Cameroon)
  • ARABOSAI (Tunisia)
  • CAROSAI (Jamaica)
  • PASAI (New Zealand)*- observer 


To learn more about activities and events of SCEI Expert Group on COVID-19 please visit News & Events section


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